Referrals are the lifeblood of any business. We are proud to say our clients receive such excellent treatment from our office that they send us their thanks:

I've been dealing with insurance companies, brokers, secretaries, etc., all my adult life, and I've never had an agent like Dan. I've also never dealt with assistants who cared about my policy because it represented the people behind it. I was just a piece of paper, or someone who constituted more work to be done. So I am going to look forward to working with you. I appreciate your attitude very much, and it's obvious to me that Dan knows how to hire the right people. He really chose well when he hired you. But I will do my best not to make you work overtime for me!

Thanks again,
Petaluma, CA

You guys have been truly wonderful - quick to respond and extremely helpful!

Mara, Katy TX

Thanks for the confirmation and tell Mr. Hershfield that I am impressed with his entire staff.

Earl, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Thank you very much! And thank you very much for your great customer service. I am glad I switched over to your agency.

Gerry, Riverside, CA

Just a word to thank all of you for the quick and accurate responses I get....every time! Best of success to you.

John, Redding CA